Sunday, 26 September 2010

Swatches: Persephone Minerals

There have been no posts for a while because I've been enjoying the Cornish coast with some friends. I have a couple of looks from my holiday but not many because I spent most of the week slobbing around the house we'd rented or chilling out on the beach sans makeup. Before I put up the looks, though, I wanted to share the swatches I did this morning of my Persephone Minerals sample. 

I saw some gorgeous swatches on Dominique's blog and went to check out Persephone's Etsy store. While the colour pictures on the store page were pretty there was nothing that really blew me away and if I hadn't seen Rained on Dominique's blog and fallen in love with it I might not have bought anything. However, I really wanted a sample of Rained and the My Parents are Hippies sample set was on special offer so I got that too. Shortly after placing my order, the owner of Persephone was kind enough to contact me and point out my reading comprehension fail (she was much nicer than that). At the time I ordered there was a buy one, get one free on the samples so I asked her to pick a second sample for me.

In total I bought eight colours. All of them have been swatched over Pixie Epoxy.

Direct Sunlight

Colours (from left to right) Smoke, Magick Brownies, Rained, Sea Horse, Floyd Pink, Far Out, Yellow Submarine, Free Love

With flash

Smoke - from the website: cross between purple & silver with sort of a pink tinge to it. Topped with various spakles, with green being the one to stand out the most. To me it looks more like a dark purple with lots of silver and violet shimmer.
Magick Brownies - from the website: A super shimmery shift from chocolate brown to herbal green to almost a grey color. 
Rained - Brown with light purple shimmer. 
Sea Horse - Peachy coral, difficult to apply over Pixie Epoxy.
Floyd Pink - Pink/peach colour. It reminds me a bit of Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions but with a pink sheen in place of gold.
Far Out - Shimmery pink, on the webiste site it's described as a similar to Floyd Pink but darker. To my eyes, not only is it darker but it's also less peach.
Yellow Submarine - Bright yellow, difficult to apply over Pixie Epoxy.
Free Love - Bright shimmery blue.

Overall I was really impressed with these colours. I love Smoke, Magick Brownies, Rained and Floyd Pink. 


  1. Pretty colors! I haven't checked out Persephone yet. Hope you had a good time on holiday!

  2. @The Peach I had a great time on holiday, there were quite a few of us sharing a house so it was all very loud and very silly. I'd definitely recommend checking out Persephone, the colours are lovely and I used them for the first time today in a look and was really impressed with the application.

  3. They look nice, might go there on my next round of shopping :)

  4. @MartianDelights Definitely check them out, Persephone has some really pretty colours.