Monday, 25 October 2010

Swatches: Meow New Collections

I'm finally back (and this time I've even queued some posts so there won't be such a big gap)! I placed a few make up orders at the beginning of the month and the first one to arrive was my order from Meow. I took advantage of one of their free shipping offers (they've got another running right now) to pick up some full sizes and some samples from their new autumn collections and their Halloween collection. 

Row 1, from l-r: Skeptic, Abductee, SETI, Tissue
Row 2, from l-r: Perverse, Dour, Morose, Melancholy
Row 3, from l-r: Erato, Calliope, Tarnished

Colour descriptions from Meow

Friday 13th Collection
Skeptic: bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color  changing fire

Alien Abduction
Abductee: silver sparkly muted thistle
SETI: golden burnished pewter/bronze
Tissue: medium martian green with silver sparkle and gold iridescence

Shattered Equinox
Perverse: muted golden plum berry
Dour: midnight plum with golden sheen
Morose: smokey sultry eggplant with metallic sheen
Melancholy: understated quiet plum with golden sparkle and rosy sheen
Tarnished: bronzed umber with silver sparkle and gold iridescence

Sunless Sea

Erato: creamy vanilla hued biscuit 
Calliope: shimmery golden rose toned fawn


  1. I love Dour and Melancholy! Both are beautiful plum colors! Glad you are back!

  2. I love the Shattered Equinox colours, they're gorgeous!