Thursday, 5 August 2010

Swatches: Meow eyeshadows pt 1

I'm making my way through my shadows and swatching them. I decided to do some of my Meow colours - the Cat Eyes and Ideal eyes. 

Cat Eyes 

(from left to right) Virgin, Sex Object, Rhythm 'N' Mews, Shadowcat, Trophy Cat, Gentlemen Prefer Felines. Applied on bare skin.

The Cat Eyes are mattes. I like all the colours but they aren't very pigmented. You can see in the picture taken in direct sunlight that Virgin and to some extent Sex Object vanish in the light. Even the other colours have tended to fade after a couple of hours wear. That being said, I still wear Virgin as a matte highlighter shade and I wear both Sex Object and Rhythm 'N' Mews on days when I want a very subtle look.

Ideal Eyes

(from left to right - Heavy Petting, Catablanca, Purrrfect Stranger, Sexy, Swanky, High Maintenance,  Petulant) All applied over Pixie Epoxy

The Ideal Eyes shadows are pearls. I find the pigmentation and staying power of these shadows is much better than the Cat Eyes. I love Catablanca, Sexy and Swanky. 

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