Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Swatches: Morgana Minerals Lipstick (or 'Gosh, that's a lot of purple')

I decided to play around with some of my Morgana Minerals lipsticks today. I have two full sizes, Azalea and Shrieking Violet, the rest are samples. It wasn't until I started swatching that I realised how many purples I had. 

All the lipsticks were applied directly onto bare lips (and just in case anyone wanted to know, this is what my bare lips look like).

Colour descriptions from the Morgana Minerals website

Shrieking Violet - Bright violet

I actually think this one is quite sheer on first application but it builds up really easily and I love the colour. 

(sorry for the crappy application in the picture)
Violet's Kiss - Violet duochrome

I'd  overlooked this colour when I first got my samples in favour of Shrieking Violet but it's actually very pretty. On me, it's much cooler than Shrieking Violet.

 Grape - Medium purple

Probably my favourite out of the purples (apart from Shrieking Violet). It's dramatic but still wearable.

Sugar Plum Rum - Shimmery plum

Even if I didn't think this was a lovely colour, I'd love it for the name.  On the website it looks almost blue, on me it's definitely more purple. 

Nightshade - Deep purple

The last (and darkest) of the purples I have. I found this was one of the easiest to apply, it was very even and had a great texture. 

And now, some colours that aren't purple!

Azalea - Hot pink.

This colour has made several appearances on my blog before. I love it; if I was only allowed one lipstick from this day on, this would be it. The only (very slight) flaw is that I find the formula much drier than the other Morgana lipsticks I have. For me, it's more like a lip stain than a lipstick but that's no bad thing. As well as being a very pretty colour it has fantastic staying power.

Valentine - Rich, vibrant, duochrome pink.

Another lovely pink. 

Very Cherry - Rich, medium red.
I love this red, it's a really beautiful rich colour with a shimmery, almost metallic finish. 

Turquoise - Aqua.

I was undecided about this one when I first put it on but it's grown on me. I'm not sure I'd ever wear it out of the house unless it was part of a costume but it's a very pretty colour. 

The pictures don't capture the finishes of the differnt colours very well. I'd say that Shrieking Violet and Azalea are the most matte (Azalea is completly matte, Shrieking Violet is more creamy). Valentine and Violet's Kiss are duochromes and the rest have varying degrees of sparkle in them.


  1. Thanks for these! I love the red on you and I'm really wanting to get 24k Pumpkin from Morgana!

  2. Thanks. I love Very Cherry. I've ordered some of the new colours (but not 24k Pumpkin) that I'm very excited about.